Believe in Love

Believe in Miracles


Allow me to guide you on your healing and self-love journey by sharing my knowledge and gifts with you.

I  wish to help the Divine Feminine rediscover itself, help the Divine Feminine learn how to embrace its divine essence.

Through overcoming the various traumas and abuse you have suffered and learning to embrace all, alchemized all, Love through it all, I wish to help you learn to truly love yourself and unlock your God Self, the part of you that is Love.

More Love, Less everything else


I'm Raphaëlla, a spiritual teacher and Healer.

Energy work, astral traveling, Elemental energies, candle & herbs magic...

these are some of the practices i have used to help me with my greatest work: self-love and empowerment.

Reconnecting to my core essence, learning to Love all that I am and believing in Unconditional Love once more.

This is something you can do too. It is what I teach and guide women, feminine embodiments and receptive energies into.

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