a little about me


My name’s Raphaëlla, my pronouns are she/her/Goddess.

I’m a Caribbean woman from Martinique & Guadeloupe, living in France.

I am a Psychic and Energy Healer.

I am clairvoyant, claircognisant and clairsentient, an Elementals Practitioner and Reiki Master (more info on those modalities here).

Because of the intense and relentless abuse the Divine Feminine has endured through for centuries at the hand of the Patriarchy, we’ve been conditioned to believe the Feminine energy is weak, detestable and unworthy, that women are powerless and destined to suffer at the hands of the "men".

The Feminine has forgotten its divine essence and whilst, at last, it is ready to rise again, the Feminine first needs to heal and overcome its traumas in order to remember its divine nature.

Whilst we cannot change what has been done to us, we have control over how we react to it, how much we allow it to change our lives and hearts, and reclaim our Selves.

This is the path i've chosen: to guide the Feminine on their healing and self-love journey, by sharing my knowledge, experience and gifts with you.

I want to help the Divine Feminine rediscover itself, help the Divine Feminine learn how to embrace its divine energy by overcoming the different traumas and abuse they have suffered: to learn to truly love yourself and unlock that Goddess energy.