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Hi! I'm Raphaëlla


My name’s Raphaëlla, my pronouns are she/her.

I’m a Caribbean woman from Martinique & Guadeloupe, living in France.

I am a psychic, a medium, a Healer and a Spiritual Teacher; basically, an energy worker using her skills and experience to guide others ready to heal themselves.

I possess a set of skills and gifts, honed and nurtured in this lifetime and others.

It all started the day I realised the length patriarchal energies within me were going to stop me from manifesting a pair of rollerblades, yes you've read that correctly, rollerblades. When I realized the reason I was dumbfounded, "because it would bring me too much joy".

I have been suffering with depression most of my life. No matter how hard I tried to be happy, I just seemed to sink into misery somehow. And that day, it hit me. Joy, Pleasure, Love, Fun... why is it so important to keep womb bearers from these energies? How much power is there in us feeling these energies for these patriarchal energies to attack a manifestation bubble for rollerblades? 






It is all the same energy.

Pleasure and fun helps us get there, to help us feel that Pure Love energy we have forgotten about and that is why so many women and womb bearers are prevented from pure joy. 

Those of you who have been following me since the beginning of my awakening know my personal aim in this lifetime is to end the patriarchy; for violence & abuse to cease in all the ways.

Rather than "fighting" against "the bad guy", I have redirected my energy on nourishing the communities, nourishing the ones susceptible of being taken advantage of. Because if enough of us awaken to our power and reclaim it, healing all the fear that gave power to patriarchal energies, there won't be any power left in the patriarchal side, right?!

So I've relinquished the need to fight and have fully dedicated myself to nourishing instead.
I do so by healing, by empowering others to heal themselves, to undertake the journey back to Divine Love.

Helping the Divine Feminine rediscover itself, learn how to embrace its divine energy by overcoming the different traumas and abuse they have suffered and finding their power and inner peace. And finally be able to fully, deeply enjoying themselves is my goal!

I want to help guide the Divine Feminine into full reclamation, show you the way within, back to Pure Love and through it reclaim Pleasure, Sexual Energy, Abundance, Bliss.

I want to help empower you to see that you have the power, within yourself, to change your entire life, heal all you've endured and experience Love and Bliss in ways you didn't think possible on Earth.



The qualities I admire the most in people:

Gentleness, Straightforwardness, Sensuality, Honesty, Vulnerability

Favorite foods:

Mangoes, Pomegranates, Caribbean foods, Raw coconuts, seafood

What makes me melt:

Sea turtles, cute smiles, hugs, neck kisses and baby goats 

What I am most proud of:

My healing! It's been a journey :)


3 things you cannot live without:

My teddy bear, lip balm, my phone


I want you to feel













More about me, my gifts, my work....

I have a set of skills honed through lifetimes;

Some I came into this life with, some I activated throughout my journey


These skills include: clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairallience, connections, mediumship, shamanism, Elemental practitioner (Time & Space, Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Tree, Sun, Moon, Lightning), alchemy.

Being a psychic, a medium and a shaman allows me to grasp the energy with much details and accuracy because of the width and depth available to me through these gifts.


I work through and with Love, directly with Source. For any healing, any reading, for myself and others, I connect to Source, work with Source.

In my sessions, I travel the astral realm, travel to the lower and higher worlds.

Working with the Time and Space elements I can travel through lifetimes, and receive information regarding your past, present and future in human sense (Time is not linear so it is actually all happening at the same time.).


I can also build, collapse and merge timelines for you and with Source, so that you can create a path that is in perfect alignement with your desires and your Highest and Greatest Good


I am able to see and feel any of the body's ailments you are ready to release at this time, and work through the dense and stagnant energies. I can provide clarity on what created this ailment, travel to the root of the problem, which often is located in a past life..

I connect with beings wishing to interact with you, as well as provide clarity on beings whose energy and intention is not in alignement with Pure Love and your Highest and greatest Good.

I seek to empower you, especially those that identify as women and Feminine embodiments. I share knowledge and wisdom that guide you back to your Truth, and to Love.

Self-Love, Empowerment, Sacred Sexuality, Divine Love are my favorite topics. The subjects I love talking about, and helping the world with.


I love guiding people into Divine Union, demystifying the Twin Flame story, guiding you to radically and unconditionally Love yourself, to reclaim your sexual energy and connect to Source.

As a Divine being, you have a connection to Source. It's more than a birthright, it is simply is. You are part of the Universe and the Universe is part of you. 

You do not need to be anything different that your self to connect to Source. You do not need special abilities to connect to source. You do not need to change anything about yourself to connect to source, receive their love, be held, taken care of.


You are one with Source and the goal is to clear the fog around this connection and help you reclaim your birthrights:

Love, Abundance and Bliss.