Energy Healing

This astral healing will look specifically at the connexion between you and your physical Body and aims to reconnect you to your Body, Mind and Feminine / Receptive Energy in a way that is in most aligned to your own Truth, to Pure Love and he reality you which to create for yourself.

This session will look at which past life/lives' wounds you are currently carrying that is hindering your connection to your physical Body and Feminine / Receptive Energy as well as which current energies in your life are hindering your sovereignty and the connection between you, your Body and your Power.

I will work on healing any wound, energies or being that comes up.

The session can include shamanic journeys, past life regressions and an activation of soul gifts. The latter will be dependent of your consent to receiving these gifts.


The connection you have to your physical body is the primary focus of the session. 

Reactivating the flow of your Feminine / Receptive energy is the second focus.

If you have an issue regarding how you view your Body due to gender identity, societal pressures, past and current abuse... we can address this during the session.

What you are ready to release will be shown, and we will work on it.

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A  cellular healing is a reprogramming of your cells. It is often that I feel called to perform one during a womb healing.  Sometimes certain energies that affect us are embedded in our cells, energies we were conceived with.

For example, the energy of invasion, or energy being forced may have been the energy you were conceived through which results in this energy being embedded into your cells. It would therefore create energetic matches with abusive energies, and make it a little harder for you to set strong boundaries.

Your cell, your blood... it can all be reprogrammed, healed. Those healing are a little heavier energetically as it means your physical body needs to let go of the old cells and birth new ones matching the newly reprogrammed and healed cell.

It also takes longer to implement, approximatively 6 months to really notice a difference. During those 6 months it will integrate through levels, whatever was removed will be almost painful for you to still have present into your life. It is similar to a painful itch. It'll itch and itch until you identify the source of the itch and get rid of it.  


Releasing heavy and dense energies carried from other lifetimes into your current incarnation that burden your physical body (and other layers) and hinder your connection to it;

Being able to release being an energetic match to the energies and beings that seek to abuse and violate; 

More ease with sovereignty;

Understanding all that you are and your Body's amazing capacities;

Activating your Feminine / Receptive energy and specific abilities linked to it that you may have forgotten about or that could be useful for the path you are ready to undertake;

Being more in alignement with your Body and your natural abilities;

Honouring and Nourishing your temple in alignement with your actual needs;

Being more embodied.


We connect on Zoom or Facetime, your choice, I recommend Zoom considering the length of the session.

I go over the session with you to ensure you understand how it is going to go, then I say an opening prayer, and call forth your Highest Self and Records Keeper.

I am not an Akashic Practitioner, so I do not access your Records, however, I do work with your contracts. I destroy any contracts linking you to any malevolent and/or harmful person present anywhere near your energy, especially inside your womb as well as contracts no longer in alignement with your Highest and Greatest Good. I ask your Records Keeper to bring to my attention any contracts not in alignement that they want to bring to your attention. And I burn it all and heal whatever it is they were related to. I also have my own Records open as I value their guidance, and I use Akashic Light sometimes.


The entire healing is done on the astral. I narrate to you everything I see, you can ask as many questions as you desire as we go. I explain everything I am doing, tell you why, what it has generated in your energy.

Moreover, as I work with the Time and Space elements, I go to the root of the issue which often has originated in a past life.

Therefore when you integrate this healing you will be integrating the healing of each incarnation of yours that has been, is and will be affected by this wound.

Body Love sessions in particular include past life regression as the disconnection between you and your Body in this lifetime tend to be an issue created in a past life and the wound has grown over time, with each incarnations.

We go to the lifetime it is most beneficial for you to heal, sometimes we go through 2 or 3 lifetimes.  


Depending on the issues, sometimes I also perform blood or cellular healings. Particularly if there is ancestral work to be done, or if you were born with particular energies imbedded in your cells, which usually occurs with conception or birth energies.

If there has been a lot of damage done to a body part, reconstruction work may be needed.

If you are at a crossroad, we may be working on building you a new timeline, or aligning you with a different one at least.


This is why the healings vary in length and can last up to 5h long. I heal you at the root and I heal on several levels: energetic, emotional and mental if so required, cellular (and therefore also physical), through time and space.


It is also why the healings are so life-changing, and integrate in waves. You cannot integrate this much healing in 2 weeks like a Reiki session. You will feel some effects immediately, then all the session will take over a few months to integrate in your life.

All the ways the session will manifest in your life I see and we will talk about it during the session.


I don't just heal the negative and intense stuffs and send you on your merry way. Once I clear the fog I can see the positive things coming into your life as a result and I LOVE sharing those!!!!

I love ending healings with lots of positivity. Healing is an intense journey and it so comforting to know there is something good waiting for us at the end!

At the end of the session, once I've ensure all is done, every being that wanted to say a word has, I seal the healing into your energy so It cannot be tampered with or undone and I send you back to your physical body.

We cut off the energy and then we talk about the session.

PS: yes of course there are pee breaks during the session. I drink a lot of water to ensure the flow of energy so I'm the first to be asking for bathroom breaks!


A session lasts between. 3h to 5h, so please plan accordingly. I don't have time restrictions on sessions I stop when the work is done.


Because of the possible emotional nature of the healing I really recommend you being as comfortable as possible.

Try to have the session on a day where you do not have to work, a day you can stay in and rest.

I recommend you to put your jammies on, or have a nice and warm blanket near you, your teddy bear, your cat or dog for emotional support if they are willing.

Lie down in your bed or couch, just really be as comfortable as possible. Fuck conventions of being seated and "polite" and dressed properly... , this is your healing, it'll be sensitive and intense, get comfy.

Have a bottle of 1L of water near you, you will feel thirsty.

Plan to not have to drive 1h before and after the session. 

Almost everyone reports the session feeling like "being hit by a truck", so I really recommend planning time to feel your feels and REST.

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Embodiment is when YOU are IN your Body.

See, throughout your life you experience people and collective energies affecting you. They will shape your view and understanding of the world, they will lodge themselves in your energy, taking space and pushing you out which means you aren't in full control of your Body. 

This translates by various ways: anxiety, overthinking, fears, adopting views that are fear based, lack of sovereignty, difficulties placing boundaries, manifesting, expressing yourself, sometimes also depression, suicidal thoughts...

Embodiment is you kicking the fuck out of these energies and reclaiming your energetic space, setting healthy boundaries from a place of Love, releasing fears, and fully reclaiming your power.

Sexual power

Mind control


Knowing who the fuck you are

Embracing pleasure



No one can say shit to you and knock you down because you are in your Truth.



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I had this session with Raphaella yesterday! while I haven’t fully integrated the session (as I suspect it will take a while to, with all the heavy work we did), I am sure that it’s effects will be impactful and a milestone in my journey. Raphaëlla was an amazing guide and  was very adept at picking up on energies, always ensuring clients safety first as she ventured out to peek into anything that was ‘unknown’ first. It was a very safe container for astral travel and I’m excited she’s launched it!


I received this healing yesterday and it was incredible. Raphaëlla goes above and beyond in everything she does, making sure you are protected every step of the way. One of my favorite things about her as a healer is the way she problem solves so seamlessly. She is masterful!

I would highly recommend this service and just working with her as a healer in general!

It has been a little over a week since my Body Love session with Raphaëlla and I am blown away by the work we did together. The communication between my body, my intuition, and myself is the clearest I can recall it ever being. I’m called to the nourishment and activities my body wants. Some things I’ve even avoided for years but my body asked for them and it is so happy receiving them. I listen, follow its instructions, and no matter how seemingly nonsensical it works out every time. I’ve also spent most of my life with difficulty receiving. After our session I’ve been so much more open to receiving and connected to feminine, Empress level energy. Through our session Raphaëlla got rid of all the energies and contracts that did not serve me living as my highest self. I feel lighter, calmer, more faithful in the Universe. I can hear it speaking to me and leading me clearly and concisely.

I’ve also had a Divine Partner Reading with Raphaëlla and after the Body Love session my connection with my divine partner has gotten far stronger and clearer.

I have found a lot of clarity from this work and that is what I asked to receive. Raphaëlla banished so much fog from my life. I can’t thank her enough. If you feel called to this session with her I strongly encourage it. She is an incredible guide in self love and discovery. You never know what you’ll find out about yourself and the power you’re capable of unleashing.


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The Details



This is a 3 to 5h live personal energy healing 

... during which we will tend to everything you are ready to heal at the present time

The price

300 €

If you ready to invest into your healing,

ready to invest into your spiritual growth, into your well-being,

and ready to invest into your empowerment



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