I no longer operate from a regular booking system where one come onto my website and simply select their preferred time and book. I used to and it did not work for me. It was very draining and did not give me enough freedom and power over my energy and how it was shared.


My work, the healings I perform, connecting to womb bearers' womb, it is all very sacred work to me.

This is work I do with Love and passion. Freeing womb bearers from abusive energies, helping people reconnect to their Divine Feminine energy, to reclaim their sexual energy, connect to Pure Love, giving a person the tools to release lifetimes of oppression and abuse,... it brings joy to my Heart.

I don't give a tiny rat's ass how cliché you think I sound saying this. It sparks literal joy in me. And pride. I am very proud of my work.


I do believe it is necessary for me to connect to the person I am doing the healing for. I heal through and with Love and out of Love so I need my Heart to feel at peace and happy to carry on healings.

As I put my heart and soul into my work, my healings, I no longer wish to just give off myself to anyone. As such, the time has come for me to place a loving boundary around myself and my business.


Fill the form below as earnestly as you can, so I can assess whether we are a good match energetically, and let me get back to you.

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