Candle Magick

Candlework is a type of magick that uses the main five elements: ether (intention, spell), fire (flame), air (smoke), water (melted wax) and earth (solid wax, herbs).

Everything has its importance in a candle: its flame, wax, the duration of the burn, the smoke, how are the herbs placed at the end... These elements will tell you how the working is going and once the candle is done, it will tell you how the working went.

With herbs, colours and crystals tailored to a specific situation and desired outcome, a candle is dressed and I focus the magic of teach elements, as well as my energy & prayer on a specific intention.

Interested in learning Candle and Earth Magick?

Join my 8 weeks course.

Next round on January 9th

"This class aims to provide a rounded comprehension of candle magick and its component whilst helping the students reconnect to their ancestral magick in order for them to develop their very own spell work, as well as connecting them to the Earth 's magick.

As an Earth Elemental practitioner, I intend to further your relationship to the Earth Element through this course.

For those interested, and that show a strong connection with Earth Magick that they would like to develop we will discuss the opportunity to be attuned to the Earth Elementals 🍃🍂"

Energy exchange: 123,45€

possibility to pay in 4 instalments via Paypal


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