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through Love we connect

The Union Healing is a reading and a healing of the connection between beings in a relationship.

In the session I bring up the connection threads between you and you partner and I tell you what I see: the threads of Love, those who have been damaged, those rooted in fear, how each affect you and the connection. 

The session consists of a reading of all the connections, followed by a healing of what I've mentioned. We look at the root of the issues, and release the corresponding energies.

Then, time is spent on the discussing ways you communicate with each other during the healing period and thereafter, heal together, and Love each other.

A conscious relationship rooted in Love takes work and commitment.

It is a choice to show up consistently, and authentically.

It is a choice to be vulnerable before the eyes of the person we desire to be loved by.

It is a choice to shed all the walls, the protection around our Hearts and show our true selves, fully.

it is a choice to show the "ugly" parts of ourselves to the person we want to be perfect in front of.

It is an act of Unconditional Love to be seen in our entirety and be loved as we are.

This session is packed with information regarding the how you have been, and how you could be now towards your partner, into the connection. 

Information in itself is very healing.

Consciously knowing allows your energy to start releasing ways that you do not align with. 

Don't underestimate the power of information in allowing you to move and release energies. Do not be surprised if your energy towards your Partner changes after receiving your reading; Or if you start releasing and healing from energies that are no longer in alignement with your Highest Truth and your Highest & Greatest Good.

Information gives you awareness and that allows you to understand all that is and was, thus choosing better.


Are you ready for soul-shaking Love?

Divine Partners




a connection rooted in more Love than Fear, striving to release all the fear based energies between the two of you


the bond between you & your partner will be deepened


communication occurs through senses and energy, not just words.

consciously communicating with your partner creates deeper understanding


You will start a healing journey to release what hinders you from Pure. Love within yourself and within your union.

You will heal separately and together; your healing may mirror each other's.

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The Details



This is a live personal couple session

it consists of a reading and a healing 

on you and your Partner (s) on what currently hinders your Union from Unconditional Love

The price

222 €

If you desire to undertake the journey towards Divine Love



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