This healing consists of 3 sessions spread over as much time as necessary for you to able you to integrate the energies and manifest from a good place.

The first session consists of healing your biggest blockages to manifesting a Divine Partner. This could mean anything as it truly varies greatly or each person; lack of self-love, past lives traumas carried into this one, contracts, etc.

Think of this session as a blockbuster.

The second session consists of really going into your Love space and healing where you don't believe in true Love, Divine Love, Unconditional Love, healing how you view Love.

The third session is a manifestation session: we are going to manifest your ideal partner! Wooo! This session will help you manifest more from a place of Love than fear. We'll be working together to clear the blockages & foreign energy that pop up.

Because this session is spread across the span of a few weeks (again you work at your own space, depending on how intense the first session is for you you might want to take it slow and that's okay), there will be two way to pay for this healing.

  1. a full payment of 300€ 

  2. Paypal or Lydia payment of 111€ before each session, individually

♡ Let's help you manifest the Love you truly deserve ♡