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This is a comprehensive reading surrounding Love and your current Divine Partner; it takes the shape of an interview, conducted similarly to my energy healings and with the addition of tarot and oracle cards.

Through connecting both to your Divine Partner and to your spirit team, I'll be able to channel information about your Divine Partner , the energy, how to connect to them. I'll also ask your team about any blockages to Love you need to attend to.

The same approach to energy healings is taken to conduct the readings to ensure I connect to your right beings for you.

Information in itself is very healing.

Don't underestimate the power of information in allowing you to move and release energies. Do not be surprised if your energy towards your Divine Partner changes after receiving your reading; Or if you start releasing and healing from energies that are no longer in alignement with your Highest Truth and your Highest & Greatest Good.

Information gives you awareness and that allows you to understand all that is and was, thus choosing better for yourself.

One thing to note: should the person you're currently aligned is not someone that is in alignement with your Highest & Greatest Good (a past life tie for example), I will 100% relay that information.

I do not withhold information channeled in readings or healings by fear of how it will be received. Any information given to me is an information your team intends for you to receive.

I fully trust my ability to channel accurate information from your team & Source and will relay said information.


If you have a doubt or reservations about a person who you currently wonder whether they are your true Divine Partner, this reading can bring the clarity you seek. The fantastic thing is that it means you are ready to release them and call in that Divine Love. So please, do validate yourself.


I will share my understanding of Divine Counterparts, romantic soulmates and blockages to Love. I have come to these understanding through my own research & experiences, and via what I've learned during sessions. (for myself and others).

My thoughts and beliefs are constantly evolving as I am constantly learning.

Learning about energy, our souls and the agreements we get into... I do not have all the answers, far from it. I try my best to understand what is with the information I have at the moment I have them.

When I first started energy work, my understanding was fairly basic. With time, experiences, my own healing as well as accompanying others on their journey, I have gathered information that I use to guide others on their own healing journey.

I do not force my beliefs on anyone. If you do not agree with something, it's ok. You can either disregard it, understand it differently or simply decide to work with someone whose thoughts and beliefs better align with you.


Sometimes the person we are set to meet, and that may come up as a soulmate, is a past life energy we have a soul contract with. Sometimes we are still learning lessons and are therefore not yet aware of that someone better aligned with our Heart is a possibility for us. Sometimes we manifest partners to assist us as we are healing, love us as we are healing in the way we need to be loved at the time.

It is not a bad thing, as being humans we are meant to learn lessons and heal, grow.  Yet, there comes a moment in our lives where we have learned enough, have had enough fun and desire to align ourselves with a lifelong type of partner. It doesn't mean we are perfectly healed and only then can we manifest that person, no. We are never perfectly healed, constantly growing, learning, healing. But there is a moment where our soul feels we've done enough on our own and we should start calling in a long term / lifelong type of partner. Then comes the question of the type of partner you desire to align with and are ready to align with.

The Divine Partner is the person most aligned with our highest path in this lifetime and an union of Unconditional Love. The feeling of the One, that almost surreal Love. 


Understand this, you can still be healing (as, again, it is impossible to ever be perfectly healed), still feeling unworthiness and working through your trauma triggers, and yet still have Divine Love unfolding in the most perfect way for you. You deserve Love as you are, healing and with your Heart hurting. 

As you heal and reclaim your Heart,  as you start believing in Love again, you align yourself more and more with Divine Love. 


It is perfectly possible that your biggest blockage is... yourself.

Do you actually believe in Love, with a capital L? Soul-shaking, heart-fluttering, almost feels surreal Love? Do you believe this type of Love only happens in fairytales?

Sometimes because of the current energy in the world, we find it difficult to believe in Love in its truest form. Sometimes, because of our past and experiences, we find it even more difficult that we can experience this type of Love.


Believing in Love is key to be able to manifest Love