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Are you ready for Soul Shaking Love?

The Divine Partner Interview is an astral journey to meet your Divine Partner and help you align with Pure Love.


The interview takes the form of an astral adventure during which I meet your Divine Partner in a secure location of their choosing, and then. we talk and you receive information on where you are both at regarding union, on your individual healing journey, particularly yours, and they will communicate how you two can now connect and communicate together.

Baby spirits, past lives abusive energies, metaphysics conversations.... you don't know what will  come up during the talk! There are no two sessions the same!

I use my ability to astral travel to meet with your Divine Partner, in a space of their choosing. The journey, the location, their energy, their messages… I share it all with you. The actual chat is a mix of astral chitchat, my clair senses and a reading.

The same approach to energy healings is taken to conduct the readings as this is a journey into the astral and I want to ensure I connect to the right beings for you.

Information in itself is very healing.

Don't underestimate the power of information in allowing you to move and release energies. Do not be surprised if your energy towards your Divine Partner changes after receiving your reading; Or if you start releasing and healing from energies that are no longer in alignement with your Highest Truth and your Highest & Greatest Good.

Information gives you awareness and that allows you to understand all that is and was, thus choosing better for yourself.


Are you ready for soul-shaking Love?

Divine Partners




You & your Divine Partner will now be aware of one another.


Your Divine Partner will start communicating with you.

Through ways that only you are able to receive, it will be your own little world with your own ways of communicating. 

Certain means of communication also depends on what your Souls have agreed to for this lifetime:

psychic dreams, energetic awareness, telepathy...


You will start a healing journey to release what hinders you from union.

You will heal separately and together; your healing may mirror each other's.


The Divine Partner reading that Raphaëlla did for me was amazing. It was comprehensive and written in a manner that made me feel like I was going through the journey with her as she went through the astral space to see what’s happening and what the blockages were for the divine partnership to happen.


Raphaëlla always goes above and beyond in her services, and this is not an exception. The reading includes messages from the Divine Partner, as well as tips on self-care so that I can open up and allow my Divine Partner to come in. She shows where there is pain and fear, and provides healing for them.


There is genuine love and concern that Raphaëlla provides in this reading as well as all her services. She loves love and wants everyone to be in love, to bask in love, to be in love with love. There is no judgement whatsoever in any of the services she has done for me, which is greatly appreciated.


There’s no other practitioner I would trust more when it comes to matters of the heart, especially romantic ones. I highly and truly recommend getting this reading if you’re interested to know more about your connection with your Divine Partner. Especially if you want to know where you’re both at, and what you can do to make progress in your connection.

From Lex

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Some important points...


Sometimes the person we are set to meet, and that may come up as a soulmate, is a past life energy we have a soul contract with. Sometimes we are still learning lessons and are therefore not yet aware of that someone better aligned with our Heart is a possibility for us. Sometimes we manifest partners to assist us as we are healing, love us as we are healing in the way we need to be loved at the time.

It is not a bad thing, as being humans we are meant to learn lessons and heal, grow.  Yet, there comes a moment in our lives where we have learned enough, have had enough fun and desire to align ourselves with a lifelong type of partner. It doesn't mean we are perfectly healed and only then can we manifest that person, no. We are never perfectly healed, constantly growing, learning, healing. But there is a moment where our soul feels we've done enough on our own and we should start calling in a long term / lifelong type of partner. Then comes the question of the type of partner you desire to align with and are ready to align with.

The Divine Partner is the person most aligned with our highest path in this lifetime and an union of Unconditional Love. The feeling of the One, that almost surreal Love. 


Understand this, you can still be healing (as, again, it is impossible to ever be perfectly healed), still feeling unworthiness and working through your trauma triggers, and yet still have Divine Love unfolding in the most perfect way for you. You deserve Love as you are, healing and with your Heart hurting. 

As you heal and reclaim your Heart,  as you start believing in Love again, you align yourself more and more with Divine Love. 


It is perfectly possible that your biggest blockage is... yourself.

Do you actually believe in Love, with a capital L? Soul-shaking, heart-fluttering, almost feels surreal Love? Do you believe this type of Love only happens in fairytales?

Sometimes because of the current energy in the world, we find it difficult to believe in Love in its truest form.


Sometimes, because of our past and experiences, we find it even more difficult that we can experience this type of Love.


Believing in Love is key to be able to manifest Love ♡

This Interview is a first step towards consciously connecting to your Divine Partner.
Once you book a session you are telling the Universe you are ready to start moving towards Union.
Once you book a session, you are answering the call of your Divine Partner.
Once you book a session, things will start moving.

From Carrie.

First off— WOW my reading was so in depth and so beautiful. It was almost as if I was reading a story from someone else’s perspective of my life. She knew things I rarely told people and hadn’t mentioned to her. She was so in tune with me from mentioning how the element I gravitate to is water, not speaking up for myself, and to confirming what other readers have said about my spirit team. Everything felt so close to home. It felt as if I already knew my DP.

I’m glad that she didn’t hold anything back and told me although my DP is excited and wants to meet me, we are both healing at this point. Which is 1000% true.

She gave me info on how I can heal to help bring us together sooner, and she also was patient with me when I asked 1000 questions on how to better connect with my guides and what I can do to help my healing and struggles with meditations.

I 1000% recommend her. She’s the absolute sweetest and will also be doing another energy healing for me for a toxic family relationship💜

I 100% will definitely book with her again and again and again. It was WELL worth it. Please be patient with her and I promise you will not regret it. I’ve also made such a beautiful friendship with her and I’m blessed she is in my life! She is one of the few lights that have come in and really helped she’s light on my spiritual journey and has helped guide me 💜


From Lauren

Raphaëlla went above & beyond with the reading, which is presented very neatly in a PDF file with complimentary cards pics & even a sweet lil moodboard in my case. Raphaëlla downloaded a ton of informations from the Records, my spirit team, hers, & our respective Divine Partners. My reading is 10++ pages, not to mention she also gave her advices on how to tackle the issues/blockages she picked up very accurately.

And Raphaëlla picked up a looot of things I didn't tell her or anyone at all. She really tuned into your energy very respectfully & professionally, while relaying the findings with a lot of warmth, kindness, gentleness, & of course Love. 🥺

I'm very grateful & I'm very lucky I get to receive this reading & witness Raphaëlla doing this reading. As she said in the pre-booking information (which you should definitely read btw), information is healing. There is a lot she will give you through this reading.


Also Raphaëlla makes me really safe, as someone who had been mistreated/abused both mundanely & spiritually. She is able to hold space without judgement at whatever your condition is but she also wants you to move forward in life. She focused on not only describing your DP's personality (& even appearance) & how the relationship will go but also how you as the subject can grow into the person who's able to feel worthy of the divine relationship. So she may be picking up energetic blockages in your body but also emotional & mental habits that you should work on so that your relationships unfold most beautifully!

Overall, the "Believe in Love" reading really makes me believe in Love lol. It was an incredible, loving experience that I can't wait for everyone else to experience too! Totally recommended. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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The Details



This is a 2h live personal astral interview

a reading done in the astral, during which the environment, the beings, is reported to you

a reading on your current blockages to Divine Love,

on what currently hinders you from Divine Union,

on how to further connect energetically to your Divine Partner

This is the first step to activating the healing journey with your Divine Partner

awakening both of you to the journey.

If you feel called to this offering, it may very well be your Divine Partner directing you to it.

The price

222 €

If you desire to undertake the journey towards Divine Love



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