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The Elemental Practitioner course aims to teach you energy work in an extremely practical way: by guiding you to conduct energy healings on yourself, each session, using the Elements. I will guide you through my own research & findings into the confines of your Self. 

This course is more than an energy attunement;

it is a shadow work seminar, a self-love workshop, a deep plunge into your Self to uncover each layer preventing you from your Truest and Fullest Self.

I will teach you how to conduct an energy healing in the ways I have discovered and that have proven efficient.

This course will challenge you to see how powerful you are,  to seek the answers within, to trust your inner knowing, your Self.

The Elemental Practitioner course I will guide you to understand and feel how the Elements flow through you, as well as connect you to the depth of the Universe.

This course aims to help you unleash your Truest & Fullest essence.


Wondering wether you are ready to become an Elemental Practitioner?

Ask yourself wether you are ready to learn to see and manipulate Energy?

Ask yourself wether you are ready to take ownership of your Self, your Life and consciously create all that you are and experience?



(now open for registration)

Air, Water, Earth, Fire


Sun & Moon



Time, Reality & Space




An attunement is for life.

It cannot be undone.

Once you choose to attune yourself to an energy, you carry it with you for life; lifetimes even as it is skill, a gift that you carry with you in your next lives or choose to call back to you through an akashic soul activation.

You can stop practicing energy healing.

You can stop drawing on the Elemental's energy.

You can cap your sensors and it'll all quieten but never fully leave you.

An attunement is for life.

Make sure this attunement is something you desire.


As indicated the course will be taught in a manner that makes you do healings on yourself.

Please make sure you are ready to undertake this empowering journey.

The course will propel you into a period of shadow work & self-love that will greatly empower you and push you to growth.

It'll be as intense and deep as you & your soul will have chosen it to but it will definitely be happening.

Again, make sure this course, and all it entails, is something you desire.


The classes will be taught live, via Zoom, in a very small number.

All students will be added to the H.O.E school on Instagram where additional meditations and healings will take place, as well as a Line group message which allows students to chat, share photos & videos, and converse in a clearer manner than other group chats.



Classes will require your active participation as we will practice energy healing together.

I personally do not learn via books or by quietly listening and mindlessly absorbing information, I learn via active participation, through actions, doing the thing. And it is exactly how I shall teach: by making you the thing, with me, so I can guide you, reassure you as you learn to trust yourself and your power.


You are required to wait a minimum of three months between each level of the Elemental Practitioner course.

This is to ensure that you integrate the energy and continue to practice well on your own, enough to integrate Elements that will require you to have a better grasp of your energy and power with each level.

So after completing Level 1 and being attuned to Air, water, Earth and Fire, you will need to wait 3 months after the end of the course to join Level 2 and be attuned to the Sun & Moon energy.

For those who are already practicing Energy work at an advanced level please contact me at hello@askraphaella.com as you most likely already have a good enough grasp of energy to be able to withstand and differentiate between the different Elements and their variations (example: Fire and the Sun's Fire, Water & the Moon's Water) .


Throughout this course, I do aim to be available to discuss the work we're doing, the healings and what you are going through of course, however please remember that I am in a different timezone that most people (6 to 8h difference on average with my US people), that I have individual sessions to perform and that I take days off.