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Air, Water, Earth, Fire

Level 1 of the Elemental Practitioner course consists of an attunement to the Elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

Level 1 aims to provide you with the necessary foundations to safely enjoy the path of becoming an energy worker as well as guiding you through the discovery of your abilities.

Attuning yourself to a form of energy makes you a portal to channel energies, information, divine wisdom and knowledge.

It bears responsibilities, for you and for anyone who comes to you for healing.

Level 1 will greatly emphasise on your spiritual responsibility as a Practitioner, ways to ensure you're spiritually protecting yourself and your space, and doing the inner work necessary to ensure you remain a clear vessel.

Through this course you'll learn the different polarities of the Elements, how to wield their power and use them to perform healing, protection and cleansing work. 



The course will awaken and hone your clairvoyance (seeing) and claircognizance (knowing).

The healing method used will teach you how to meditate with simple visualisation techniques; you will see your story, your Universe and you will know what you see.

It will push you to listen and trust your own voice, your Intuition.

The course will sharpen the clairs mentioned (clairvoyance & claircognizance) and allow your own natural clairs to awaken, as you are ready to let them do so.

For example, in my own case, clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing) and clairalience (smelling)  have awaken alongside my practice and to this day these clairs are developing as I'm trusting them more and learning how to use them.



Attunement Ceremony before the first class

Part I: Discovery & Awareness

Week 1

Clairvoyance: seeing, a muscle to train

Everyone can see but you will get other senses to develop the more you connect to your astral self

How to ground

How to protect the Self


Demo: getting to know the Elements, calling upon them

Healing: Aura bubble, getting to know your space & cleansing & protecting



Week 2


Meeting your Heart & healing your wounds



Demo: water and ice healing, soothing with Fire

Healing: visiting your Heart space, entering and seeing your wounds, understanding them and soothing them


Week 3

Meeting your Highest Self

Higher Self vs Highest Self

Unconditional Love

Where can you show more Love to yourself


Demo: filling spaces in your energy with Love drawn from the Elements & Source

Healing: Meeting your Highest Self


Week 4

Anger & Boundaries

Rightful anger, allowing the flow of the emotions and setting boundaries


Demo: finding intruders, energies you do not like and clearing them (fire & air)

Healing: feeling safe being you, being in your own space; tracking the energy of fear – burning shit up!


Part II: Healing & Manifesting

Week 5

Boundaries, Self-Love, Self-Worth

Calling back your energy

Understanding why you couldn’t/didn’t place boundaries and learning to implement them now


Demo: Earth and Fire – defend and protect

Healing: placing an energetic boundary

Week 6

Your Self

Mind Body and Spirit and your energy centers

Seeing them, meeting them and cleansing/protecting them


Demo: Meeting your Body

Healing: A full energy cleanse



Week 7

Connecting to your Highest Self

Connecting to a Shadow


Demo: Earth – nurturing energy + mixing the Elements together

Healing: calling your Shadow self


Week 8:

Fear & Power

Awaken your inner Fire & your inner Warrior

Tracking down a fear and confronting it

Healing that wound


Demo: weapons

Healing: tracking down a wound and facing it, burning the foreign energy and healing the wound


Week 9

Meeting your inner child



Demo: How to identify energy blockages

Healing: Meeting your throat chakra, busting off blockages


Week 10

Manifesting & Creating


Healing: What do you want? What stops you from obtaining it? Clearing the foreign energies and healing the blockages

Demo: Manifesting method 1



Part III: Empowerment

Week 11

Power & Control

Working on identifying the dynamics of power

Embracing yours

Reclaiming your power


Demo: pulling an energy center and finding cracks in it/repairing them

Demo: Cords, finding  & removing them


Week 12

Lesson 1: Forgiveness / Shadow Work

Demo: meeting a shadow self and filling them with love, feeling yourself with Love


Lesson 2: Connecting to Source

Connecting to the Source of all and receiving Love, healing energy, advice…


Week 13

Boundaries , your space, neutrality

Neutrality: instead of trying to change another person’s behavior towards your, understanding you only have power over your own energy and space, and this is where you change what comes in

Finding where you allow certain unwanted energetic dynamics and clear these, heal the underlying issue


Demo: seeing your aura layers and repairing it

Demo: picking a person you want to cut cords with and looking for the entry points


Week 14

Connecting to the Womb/Penis


Demo: connecting to your sexual organ

Healing: removing someone from your sexual organ

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