Energy Work

Everything is energy.

The air we breathe, the food we eat, our bodies, money, sex, trees and thoughts...

There is energy we see and energy that is less palpable, to the naked eye anyway. By moving, transmuting, focusing this energy changes can be made to the pains, stored traumas, situations and relationships.

There are several modalities of energy work; the two that I use are Reiki and Elemental.


'Reiki' comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. It is an ancient Japanese spiritual healing art - meaning it isn't affiliated to any religion- that uses the Universe's energy to heal the receiver. 

Reiki enables the healer to be a vessel for a specific energy of the Universe and to use that energy to shift, heal and balance energies for people, places and situations.

​Reiki can be used in person, with physical touch, or via distance healing, as energy is not bound to time and space.

Reiki can never be used for anything other than the highest and greatest good of all. 


I am also an Elementals Practitioner: by connecting to various Elements and their Elementals, I can wield their power and strength to support the Healings

​There are many Elements... I most often work with Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Lighting, Ice, Time & Space.

With Water, I connect to the water Element, mermaids and animals that live in water; with Earth, I connect with Gaia, fairies, the trees, plants and flowers, vines.

Each Element each have its own strengths & abilities.

There are many more Elements in the Universe.

Each person vibes with a particular element over another. Each situation calls for the use of one particular element over another. 

I can do a Fire cleanse on one person and a Water cleanse on another. Both will be as effective. Sometimes I do both because they will cleanse in a different ways and you need both those ways.


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