Energy healing is the act of moving energies with the aim of alleviating pains, releasing heavy and dense energies, and creating a different & better reality for ourselves.

Energy work enables a person to change the energy of a space, a situation or a person. In the case of the later, it allows the release of foreign energies, healing of trauma, it helps reconnecting to our innate light and can also help recovering soul gifts from other lifetimes!

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Astral Healing is my own method of doing energy work.

Rather than healing the energetic body which can seem very much medical, I step into the Astral and call your energy forth. Then we travel together to the various spaces of your astral space that need your attention and healing.

The environment is a reflection of your energy. So all I see I narrate to you.

I see you, and any person of importance. I also see  what is going on with you energetically in relation to your surroundings, ie: how your world affects you.

The healing is more vivid for you, and therefore it can be easier for you to understand what is going on with your energy. 

We meet on  Facetime or Zoom and I explain how the session will go, and go through my check list with you.

I say a prayer and set intentions for the session and then we start with a grounding meditation in order to cleanse your energy and anchor you into the Earth.

Then we start the healing; I call you forth, then your Highest Self and Records Keeper.

I communicate with your energy in the astral, with your Highest Self if they have any message for you, and with any beings that is coming up during the healing, and I speak to you directly. I describe everything that is shown, and ask for your consent when certain things that come to require it.

Sessions can be long, they often run about 3 to 5h. The entire day is dedicated to the session. For more information and each particular session please check the various types, link below.

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​Some of the things that I work on in sessions:

  • Your Womb;

  • Love: Self-Love, Unconditional Love (believing in & reconnecting to), Romance;

  • Healing trauma and abuse wounds throughout various lifetimes;

  • Reclaiming your Sexual Energy;

  • Connecting to your Feminine / Receptive energy; 

  • Empowerment;

  • Reconnecting to your Body and Mind in a more aligned way, bringing love and harmony to your Self;

  • Activations of soul knowledges from other lifetimes;

  • Healing past lives trauma carried over from other lifetimes;

  • Your connections (healing the energetic connection between you and someone you are in a consensual relationship with);

  • Baby Spirits, motherhood, pregnancy;

  • Inner child healing;

  • Cord cutting, releasing contracts no longer in alignement with who you are in this present incarnation.

  • Love - self-love, divine Love.

Being well-rested (preferably) so you can integrate the healing well, having abstained from alcohol and recreational drugs (no weed!!!) from 24h prior to the session, some water, and a pen and paper.

I do not record sessions as having the camera turned on makes me self- conscious and I find myself not as able to focus on the healing.

A session with me lasts approx. 3h. Soul Mind Body's sessions lasts approx. 4h. So please plan accordingly. I don't have time restrictions on sessions, I stop when the work is done.


Because of the possible emotional nature of the healing I really recommend you being as comfortable as possible. Try to have the session on a day where you do not have to work if possible, a day you can stay in and rest. Have a bottle of 1L of water near you, you will feel thirsty and plan to not have to drive 1h before and after the session. 

Almost everyone reports the session feeling like "being hit by a truck", so I really recommend planning time to feel your feels and REST.

Please make sure to read the acknowledgments for energy healings.

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What I Do


a healing format
that target a specific thing

ideal for those looking for a more affordable way to book my services

60 min of:
30 min reading the energies, answering your questions (information is healing)
30 min energy healing



My deepest, most life changing offering,
also the offering I am most attached to.

Womb healing is sacred work.

an in-depth energetic cleanse of malevolent, harmful and foreign energies located inside your womb and affecting your entire energy
through time & space



 a session that will look into all the ways you are not currently loving yourself from a place of Love but rather from a place of fear, pain and suffering.

Let's guide you back to Pure Love.

Where do you need to show more Unconditional Love to yourself?



a healing of the energies carried over from other lifetimes that are hindering your connection to your Body & the flow of your Feminine / Receptive energy

this includes one or several of the following:
past life regression, shamanic journeys,
activation of skill



reactivate one or several knowledges from your light body into your physical body
and heal all that stand in the way of you aligning yourself with the new timeline created as a result as your activations