Important Information


The following information is important. 

These are terms & conditions to know prior to making a booking, terms & conditions you consent to when booking.

1.    Energy work requires the healee’s full consent and open energy to receive the healing. As such your full name and location are required when you book a session. It allows the connection to happen. If you book a session but are reticent to provide your location, and only provide the country, you are effectively closing off part of your energy to your healing session. If you do not trust in your healer, you shouldn’t book with them. Full names, city and country are required to ensure I connect to you and anchor the healing to you.

2.    In light of the reasons stated above, please do not gift an energy healing to anyone without their consent. You would be effectively messing with someone’s free will. Consult with them and get their consent before booking a session with anyone.

3.    Please refrain from alcohol and recreational drugs consumption 24h before and after the session. This allows the energy to properly and smoothly integrate for you and also prevents me from feeling the effects of anything you are under the influence of when I connect to your energy.

If you book a session (live or group) and are knowingly under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs within the recommend time frame which results in me being affected by those substances, the session will be canceled and no refund will be issued. This is because a). your. actions are a clear disrespect of my work and being, b) your actions violate my clearly stated boundaries, c) because of your actions I will be unable to conduct the rest of the day's sessions.

4.    In the case of a time capsule session, it is your responsibility to prepare for the healing integration accordingly of the moment you decide to unseal the healing session.

5.   Energy healings help move stagnant energy and help you release energies & programmings that are no longer in alignment with you. As such, at time a healing may take a different form than expected. You may want to work on a specific area, but there could be a blockage to it in another area. So this is what the healing will help you with. Be open as to what your energy and your soul direct me towards, show me and the messages I am being given for you. Energy knows what you need, even if you are not aware of it yet. I work with your energy, your soul on what it wants to show me and the messages it has for you. For example, I can see someone show up in your womb but feel as if I cannot remove them yet; therefore, I will still help you identify that energy so you can do that work on your own when you are ready. Forcefully removing them when you’re not ready would induce trauma, also you would welcome them back in so the work would be in vain. Please keep an open mind as to the areas in which the energy integrates and how it happens. Remember that it is done with your highest and greatest good at heart.

6.    You have free will, always. So, if your energy shows me a person harming you and draining you of your power, I remove them for you even if they weren’t on your list, as it is what your energy wants. However, as you have free will, always, you can consciously choose to let them back in. It is up to you, completely. I will channel what they are doing to you, how and cleanse and protect you. But you are perfectly free to ignore this warning.

7.    Energy healing does not make pain and trauma disappear with a snap of your fingers; it helps you release them. That release is called a growth period. A period of time where the pain and trauma in question may hit you with full force, because you are ready to feel it fully and release it. Your dreams may become more vivid and be of significance as you heal and release in the astral too. This is especially true in womb healing sessions; many of my clients then dream of the people we released in a session.

8.    Allow yourself to rest and hydrate plenty. Body moves slower than Spirit. A healing will take time to fully integrate in your body; generally around 3/4 weeks, even if some of the effects are immediate. You may therefore have a growth period hit you 3 weeks after the healing.

9.     Physical symptoms may occur when receiving energy work, and one should be mindful of those. These physical symptoms include: ​

  • Nausea

  • Sudden Warmth

  • Feeling relaxed

  • Sleepiness

  • Flashbacks of events

  • Seeing spirits or ancestors

  • Increased intuition, psychic abilities

  • Crying

  • Sudden sadness

  • Pressure on the chest area, throat, and/or head

  • Menstrual cramps

  • Change in flow of the moon cycle

10.    I do not refund any booked session; however, you may reschedule the session up to 12 hours before the session. Email me if you are encountering any difficulties.

If you do not show up for a live session 

11.    I reserve all rights to reschedule or cancel a session if it is more beneficial for you or if your initial reasons for bookings violate anyone's consent or boundaries or if my energy doesn't allow me to perform a healing at the best of my abilities. I will contact you and ask you when it is more suitable for you and set a time that suits us both.

12.   I will also cancel and block those that are disrespectful, racist and/or violent towards me. I meet everyone with respect and kindness and I am to be treated as such too.

If you have an issue with booking with a Black Woman, take it up with your mama. If you're disrespectful or aggressive I will not perform any service for you. I will refund you and block you.

I only accept Love and respect into my space. 


With Love,


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