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Everything is energy.

The air we breathe, the food we eat, our bodies, money, sex, trees and thoughts...

There is energy we see and energy that is less palpable, to the naked eye anyway. By moving, transmuting, focusing this energy changes can be made to the pains, stored traumas, situations and relationships.



Before a session I ground myself into Mama Gaia, then the center of our galaxy, then the center of our Universe and finally into the original Universe.

This helps to better orient my consciousness to broader perspectives and experiences. This technique to ground into more than the Earth core was shared with me by Kari from Seekers Evolving.

Very often I spend some time either at the Earth Core with Gaia and some dragon friends I have there, or in the original Universe, getting a healing or talking about my healing journey which is healing in itself.

As I feel Gaia's energy coming to me, I ask her for what I need, I check the colour of the energy she's filling me as it gives me an idea of what my energy is like and what I'll need for the day, the sessions. I generally ask Gaia to transmute and recycle stagnant energy and dense energies, as well as foreign energies. If I'm currently healing something a little intense I ask Gaia to take that energy, pain and clean it a little before sending it back to me. It's something she's offered to do for me and I'm very grateful as it does help a lot when I'm dealing with heavy stuffs.

After this I start with cleansing my aura bubble. I check  for foreign energies, set up a tube from my aura bubble to the Earth Core so foreign energies can be transmuted and recycled by Gaia. I do burn a lot of shit; but i also do a final cleanse with water and fire and I send those waters down the tube.

I cleanse myself as well, if I didn't already do it when I was in the Original Universe or at the Earth Core, with a ring of Heavenly Fire first remove any fuckshit or cording attempts, then I attend anything that comes up. Once I am done with cleansing myself and doing any healing I need to I set a golden sun above my head which I fill either with Source's energy or with Akashic Light, i call my energy back to me and ensure it is cleanse from any foreign energy attachments before being integrated back within me in a frequency that is in alignement with my Highest Truth and my Highest and Greatest good.

I check my auric field and do repair works where needed, fill my space with my energy and set the energy I desire to have in my space.

I then set protection around my aura bubble, and move it between time and space.

When this is done I move to do a cleanse and protect on my home. I check my house grid and refuel it. Check for traces of foreign energies, any portals, anything coming out of my own portal. I often go up my astral portal to clean it. 

I have helpers around my house and I check in with them about what I want the space to be like today. My beautiful tree friends, the vines and flowers. I usually meet either my guides or the Loas by their altars.

My house has protection set by Tori and Kari. I highly recommend their house cleanse, it is called Multidimensional House Healings (email them at for information). I got one for my mother's house and one for me. They use amazing techniques and my sleep have 100% improved after they worked on my home.

So because of the amazing protection they have set, I only need to cleanse and give energy to the protections, do some check-ups...


Once this is done too I call onto Archangel Micheal and Raphaël to ask them to protect the space from any corruptive energies. They both signal their presence to me via our own ways and I then do my intentions prayer.

I first ask my Divine team of benevolent beings, Masters, Teachers, and Loved ones to step onto the Akashic Light, to fully ground me, protect and conceal me with invisibility for this Akashic Records session. I then set intentions: to do the healing to the highest of my abilities and the highest the person receiving the healing can receive, to do the healing with the Highest and Greatest good of both I, practitioner and them, healee, in mind, heart, and spirit. 

The last step is to open my Records. I usually have a chat with my Records Keeper and/or my Highest Self. This is the last step as the Akashic Light is fairly intense.

After the use of the original Universe energy, I need some time for it to settle before I open the Records.

I am then ready to start with sessions. I do a prayer before each session to God, Source, Spirit, I call them different name but the prayer is important to me and I believe you.


I call forth your energy and your Highest Self.

Depending on I feel called to the session starts in my Akashic Healing office or in Nature. Most often in Nature, at the beach.


During the session I use various modalities:

1. I am an Elemental Practitioner; by connecting to various Elements I can wield their power and strength to support the healings I do.​ There are many Elements... I most often work with Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Lighting, Ice, Time & Space, Sun & Moon.  Each Element each has its own strengths & benefits.

2. Reiki, I also sometimes call onto the Reiki Masters' energy; especially for reconstruction work. The Moon lady sometimes comes through in person :)

3. Heavenly Fire;

4. Source energy, when I need pure Love energy, often for self-love and Love work;

5. Akashic Light, especially when doing cellular work and reconstructions. It ensures the energy of what is being done, what is, and what is in between is in harmony and free of corruptive energy.

During sessions I sometimes call onto my team's help:

1. my Highest Self & Records Keeper when I am shown something peculiar, I ask them for more information.

2. my dragon friends, I have one bff and a new baby I have met recently :)

3. snakes; they are a gift from Dambalah. I very rarely use them for healing on others, they work on my energy but it can happen that they assist.

4. Archangels Michael & Raphaël

5. my guides 💛

6. Gaia


I cleanse the space from any debris of the fight, lol.

I command all foreign energies back to their rightful place and start cleansing myself by pushing through water and Heavenly Fire from my crown down my entire being (all the way through the Earth Star chakra). I let this to fill my being and when I feel clean I call all my energy back from all times and all places, from your energy especially.  I sit and watch pieces of me coming back.

Then I get up and twerk to loud music whilst making a snack and downing half a litter of water!



I learned Reiki from Capucine's Reiki school in March 2020. I was attuned to Level I, II and III.

Elemental energy is something I have known since I was a child in this lifetime but something that I only started fully trusting in 2020, after getting confirmation from the Records that I was an Elemental Practitioner and that it was my goal in this lifetime that I'd be an Elemental Practitioner.  It is the main form of energy I work with, I don not use Reiki that much as I prefer using the Elements. My connection is far stronger and deeper with Elemental Energy.

I was attuned to the Moon energy by the Moon in 2021. Sun, Lighting, Time and Space were soul gifts that I carried from past lives, and that unlocked naturally as I became stronger and learned to wield my power.

Seeing the energy connecting two sentient beings is a gift from a past life I reclaimed  in 2020 through an Akashic Records' session.


My main strengths are working with the Feminine, healing abuse -especially sexual abuse- and empowerment.

Why? These are areas that I have worked on for lifetimes, and all this life. I am passionate about healing the Feminine, helping them free themselves, awaken to their power and rise again, stand tall, proud as a Feminine, sexual being. and feel safe and powerful doing so!

To that effect I will cleanse your womb, release contracts, energies  and programmings that are allowing certain abusive in your energetic space. The goal is help the Feminine heal and liberate itself from oppression, patriarchal energies as it what mainly stands in the way. The rest is healing the wounds that have come to be as a result.

The next area I am passionate about is Love! Of course, one cannot have this many Libra placements and not be a sucker for Love. My Sun Venus and MC are all in Libra and all conjuct. Mercury and Moon are also in Libra. Soooo ^^

Plus, often people who have experienced abuse do not believe in Love anymore for them. Helping you believe in Love and manifest the partner you DESERVE is something that makes my Venusian heart go weeeeeeeeeeee :)

In all accounts, check with your intuition, check with your Highest Self & Divine Team if you're hesitant about a practitioner. However I can assure you that the session will be soothing, healing and that your energy will be handled with care & respect.


1.    Energy work requires the healee’s full consent and open energy to receive the healing. As such your full name is required when you book a session. It allows the connection to happen and ensure the healing is anchored to you.

2.    Please refrain from alcohol and recreational drugs consumption 24h before and after the session. This allows the energy to properly and smoothly integrate for you and also prevents me from feeling the effects of anything you are under the influence of when I connect to your energy.

If you book a session (live or group) and are knowingly under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs within the recommend time frame which results in me being affected by those substances, the session will be canceled and no refund will be issued. This is because a). your. actions are a clear disrespect of my work and being, b) your actions violate my clearly stated boundaries, c) because of your actions I will be unable to conduct the rest of the day's sessions.

3.    In the case of a time capsule session, it is your responsibility to prepare for the healing integration accordingly of the moment you decide to unseal the healing session.

4.   Energy healings help move stagnant energy and help you release energies & programmings that are no longer in alignment with you. As such, at time a healing may take a different form than expected. You may want to work on a specific area, but there could be a blockage to it in another area. So this is what the healing will help you with. Be open as to what your energy and your soul direct me towards, show me and the messages I am being given for you. Energy knows what you need, even if you are not aware of it yet. I work with your energy, your soul on what it wants to show me and the messages it has for you. For example, I can see someone show up in your womb but feel as if I cannot remove them yet; therefore, I will still help you identify that energy so you can do that work on your own when you are ready. Forcefully removing them when you’re not ready would induce trauma, also you would welcome them back in so the work would be in vain. Please keep an open mind as to the areas in which the energy integrates and how it happens. Remember that it is done with your highest and greatest good at heart.

5.    You have free will, always. So, if your energy shows me a person harming you and draining you of your power, I remove them for you even if they weren’t on your list, as it is what your energy wants. However, as you have free will, always, you can consciously choose to let them back in. It is up to you, completely. I will channel what they are doing to you, how and cleanse and protect you. But you are perfectly free to ignore this warning.

6.    Energy healing does not make pain and trauma disappear with a snap of your fingers; it helps you release them. That release is called a growth period. A period of time where the pain and trauma in question may hit you with full force, because you are ready to feel it fully and release it. Your dreams may become more vivid and be of significance as you heal and release in the astral too. This is especially true in womb healing sessions; many of my clients then dream of the people we released in a session.

7.    Allow yourself to rest and hydrate plenty. Body moves slower than Spirit. A healing will take time to fully integrate in your body; generally around 3/4 weeks, even if some of the effects are immediate,  it'll take longer if any cellular work was done. You may therefore have a growth period hit you 3 weeks after the healing.

8.    Try avoiding getting any other energy work done a week before and three weeks after if you are new to energy healings. The live sessions are intense and it'd be best that you give your body the space to process the work.

9.     Physical symptoms may occur when receiving energy work, and one should be mindful of those. These physical symptoms include: ​

  • Nausea

  • Sudden Warmth

  • Feeling relaxed

  • Sleepiness

  • Flashbacks of events

  • Seeing spirits or ancestors

  • Increased intuition, psychic abilities

  • Crying

  • Sudden sadness

  • Pressure on the chest area, throat, and/or head

  • Menstrual cramps

  • Change in flow of the moon cycle

10.    I do not refund any booked session; however, you may reschedule the session up to 12 hours before the session. Email me if you are encountering any difficulties.

11.    I reserve all rights to reschedule or cancel a session if it is more beneficial for you or if your initial reasons for bookings violate anyone's consent or boundaries or if my energy doesn't allow me to perform the healing at the best of my abilities. I will contact you and ask you when it is more suitable for you and set a time that suits us both.


With Love,


Thank you for reading this very long text.

The information on here is important and I if you still have question I am happy to answer them. Email me!