An introduction


My name’s Raphaëlla, my pronouns are she/her/Goddess.

I’m a Caribbean woman from Martinique & Guadeloupe, living in France.

I am a Healer and Spiritual Teacher; an energy worker and psychic using her skills and experience to guide others ready to heal themselves.

I am clairvoyant, claircognisant and clairsentient, an Elementals Practitioner and Reiki Master. I have a set of skills and gifts, honed and nurtured in this lifetime and others.

For the longest time I felt the need to fight. Fight for Women, fight for the Feminine. As a womb healer, I saw the depths of what Patriarchal and Masculine have done to Women and womb bearers and it enraged me. I wanted to fight and help us all be free. I wanted to destroy the Patriarchy.

Truthfully, whilst I can wield a sword and burn mofos out of your space like no other (yes, I am that good), fighting constantly was incredibly exhausting on my Soul & Heart. But also, it has created an unhealthy dynamic where people expected me to do their healing for them and fight their battles.

So I paused and rerouted to what I was yearning for.


I may be be a baddass, I'm still soft. And I love Love. I believe in Love and fairytale love stories, magical ones, the type we've conditioned to believe only happen in K-dramas and novels. I love those. I hold Love in such high esteem.

I still want to end the patriarchal energies violating women, Feminines & Receptives beings and womb bearers, in all the ways that are possible, but I want to do it through other means.

Through Love.

I want to help the Divine Feminine rediscover itself, help the Divine Feminine learn how to embrace its divine energy by overcoming the different traumas and abuse they have suffered.

I want to help guide you back to Love.

However, please understand that I am not your saviour. I am not your warrior. These may seem like harsh words to some, but through my practice I've learned that it is a boundary that I need to more clearly affirm.

Wether you book an energy healing, a workshop, a masterclass, an intuitive reading or a course, I will not do the work for you.

It is not how it works.

I will help you on your healing journey by guiding you and sharing my skills and knowledge to the best of my abilities, yet always encourage you to think for yourself, challenge ideas that you do not resonate with, try something different and do you own inner work

I will move energies in a healing, clear everything I am called to, kick anyone out, burn soul agreements for you but anything that you take back, anything you refuse to process is of your own doing.

You have free will, always. Anything I do you can undone and I cannot guide you back to it. It becomes your own healing journey. 

I am making this process very clear as I know some people get confused of the role of psychics and healers.

Yes I have skills, yes I am powerful. But each individual is still in charge of their own energetic being & space. All energy work needs to integrate and that integration period is you accepting -or not- what has been done and to which extent.

I am passionate about what I do, about the changes I wish to bring in the World, in Women, in the Feminine and Receptive energies and I hold high hopes in my Heart on how these changes will reverberate onto the Masculine.

More Love, less everything less.

With Love,