Hello! I'm Raphaëlla...

...but I also answer to Queen, Goddess and Your highness. I’m not picky…

Random stuffs about me...

I’m a Libra everything, and a Fire rising.

Plant mom of around 20 babies, of whom which I'll post lots of pictures of on instagram once I start decorating my apartment; especially of Leo, one of my Peace Lily and the biggest drama queen I've ever seen. I love her!.

I love watching dramas, Avatar: the last Airbender (which I believe is the future we're heading towards: bending the elements, I mean we're already bending the energy soooo....), and Card Captor Sakura. I am looking for the Sayoran to my Sakura 🥺

I’m an ex plus size model.

Modeling was.... was quite a formative adventure!

The years I spent in the industry really helped me realise how little I thought of me and how I was letting others define me and decide my worth. It was a good learning experience and it taught me a lot about makeup, yet to this I don't know how to draw my eyebrows in 🤷🏾‍♀️

I've reached this state of mind where I now call myself a Goddess whereas less than a

couple of years ago I was telling tmyself I was ugly, worthless and no one could ever love me. And I had been doing that since I was a little girl.

I am in LOVE with that glow up! *hair flip* The internal growth is real !

I love talking to people who are knowledgeable on something that interests me. Like yes, talk your shit you sexy piece of nerd! Brainy IS sexy. I’m an air stellium yo!

I’ll present counterarguments about anything because I love opposing points of view. That’s how my mind works, you say something and I’m like, okay, but what about the opposite, can it be true as well?

Libra shit.

Teach me anything I consider interesting and I’ll listen.

This means no maths.

Do not try to teach me maths.

PS: I think sea turtles are the cutest things to ever walk the Earth and if you don’t like sea turtles, I don’t trust you cause clearly, you’re evil.

What do I do...

I am clairvoyant, claircognizant and clairaudient. Some of those abilities have been here since I was a teenager and I simply didn’t understand what they were, some just showed up recently and I’m here like ⚆ _ ⚆

I’m an intuitive reader & healer, and an energy worker.

My deck is the most adorable deck ever, I just adore her. If you book a reading with me, you’ll see.

Whilst she’s utterly uninterested in any fuckboys and hoes you might be having around, she’s always bringing the convo back on what you need to do for you.

She actually straight up told me her preferable theme is helping people become the best version of themselves. It's like, okay, match made in heaven!

Pretty sure we're soulmates♥‿♥ 

The cutie pie sitting in the picture, next to my deck is Rabito, I take him everywhere. He's basically my emotional support animal and eats crystals.

Why am I starting ask Raphaëlla...

Well first of all, Spirit wants me to.

I mean, I did have several choices, but everything I've always dreamed of creating into the world pretty much fits into the vision I have for ask Raphaëlla.

My purpose in life was always to help people, I just didn’t know how. I wanted to bring Love in people’s life, make them happy, make a difference. That’s also why I started plus size modeling, young girls telling me how validating it is to see me in an ad? YES!

But it wasn’t enough and also the industry changed with Instagram and I didn’t know how to be authentic with my agency asking me to post selfies every day, I mean- 

With a spiritual awakening, and a lot of healing and shadow work, I found myself and was guided toward a path that fit everything I had always dreamed of accomplishing.

My purpose is centred around healing the Feminine; by inspiring and accompanying the Feminine on their journey to self-love and self-empowerment, I aim to help them heal and overcome their traumas so they can truly awaken to their divine nature.

The society we live in hasn’t been kind with the Feminine for centuries (aka whichever gender you identify as, you still have feminine and masculine energy within. And your feminine energy is most definitely wounded.), leaving it broken and feeling powerless, but this patriarchal system is coming to an end and, at last, the divine feminine is rising.

It is time for the feminine to heal and rise again, stronger and more powerful than ever. Filling our hearts with Love in replacement of the pain may seem impossible but I promise you, it isn’t. Healing, however, is painful. The hardest part of my own healing journey was doing it all alone, which is why I now dream of creating a community that can be supportive and compassionate about our self-love journeys.

In time, ask Raphaëlla will eventually become a community of women supporting each other into their healing journeys.

You may wonder why the Feminine specifically....

Well, Spirit gave me 1898767544335 Libra placements and I do believe it's for a reason.

I am so ruled by Venus I genuinely identify as her. Not the ditzy airhead she has been pictured as by men, but the strong woman that completely embraced her masculine energy and loved herself so fucking hard she simply refused to even acknowledge anything and anyone that she judged beneath her.

This is the level of self-love we’re going for: unconditional & unapologetic. 

Venus does not settle. She wants you to love yourself so unconditionally that the Universe is forced to match your vibration by only sending you goddess offerings type of blessings.

My goal is to create beautiful things and make all women realise they are literal Goddesses. Through energy work, readings and workshops, my work is going to be focusing on you, your healing and growth, your self-discovery: helping you own your power and become the best version of yourself, for yourself.

Let's heal and awaken the Goddess within ♡

#aboutme #askraphaella

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