"Money comes to me, not the other way around"


This working aims to help on several points:

  1. cleansing on your ability to receive;
  2. taping into your feminine energy and letting abundance flow to you and bless you in orgasmic ways.
  3. PLEASURE! Enjoy yourself, please yourself. Pleasure is your birthright. Happiness is your birthright.


This working includes a sacral and solar plexus candle.


After booking please send me an email with the following infos:

- your birth name,

- your birthday (dd/mm/yyyy)

- a photo (being clairvoyant it is much easier for me to focus my work if I can visualise you)


The email is hello@askraphaella.com

please put 'CANDLE - EMPRESS' as the subject.

the Empress

123,00 €Price

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