A Self-Love healing aims to help you reclaim all of yourself, fiercely love yourself and ferociously uphold your boundaries and show up as true self. 
Any and all energies preventing you from being your truest and fullest essence that you are ready to heal and release will be worked on.


90,00 €Price
  • Time Capsule Healing: As a Time Elemental practitioner I am able to create bubbles of time specifically to perform a healing, bubbles of times in which I encapsulate your entire healing session before sealing it in and sending it to you.

    The healing then integrates for you (in your current energy and timeline) as you listen to the recording of it.

    Time Capsule Healing are sent to your email address in the 15 days following you purchasing the session.

    Please note however that as you set intention for the session the energy can start moving immediately and you can therefore experience dreams, painful and heavy moon cycle, people in your circle responding to you differently... it varies. 

  • As with all services, this session does not replace the need for medical advice and does not seek to.

    Please pursue medical or mental health guidance if it is needed. I ask that you use your discretion to only choose services that you feel ready for, as all services have a potential to address triggering topics, espcially womb services.

    You know your Self best, listen to your Body & Soul 🖤

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