A Penis Healing is an energetic healing of the penis during which certain energies are removed as well certain people (as per the healee request).
It is also a form a cord cutting: it cuts off people access to you & the center of your power. As long as their energy is in your sexual organ they can leech off of your power and energy.

Work is then done to reconnect you to your sexual energy and work through any other energy points and chakras that unbalance the flow of your energy.

Penis Healing

90,00 €Price
  • Time Capsule Healing: As a Time Elemental practitioner I am able to create bubbles of time specifically to perform a healing, bubbles of times in which I encapsulate your entire healing session before sealing it in and sending it to you.

    The healing then integrates for you (in your current energy and timeline) as you listen to the recording of it.

    Time Capsule Healing are sent to your email address in the 15 days following you purchasing the session.

    Please note however that as you set intention for the session the energy can start moving immediately and you can therefore experience dreams, painful and heavy moon cycle, people in your circle responding to you differently... it varies. 

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