This is a Womb Clearing Group Ritual that aims to clear up any negative energy feeding off our own in the womb.

The womb being the female body center of creativity and sexual energy, our power, it is essential to cleanse it's energy regularly: take away negative attachements and foreign energy.

This Womb Clearing Group Ritual focuses on removing the energies of aggression and violence towards the womb, whilst also filing her with gentleness and love with the use of Usui Reiki and Elementals energy.

The session starts off with a general energy cleanse, followed by the cleanse of the womb.

If you wish for a specific person to be removed out of your womb's energy please let me know. A protection is set in place to avoid them ever coming back too.

Please note that I cannot go through a list of name during a group session, you will need to book an individual session in this case.


Womb cleanses are set to integrate at 11:30pm or at the time of performing if you are asleep during the session.


A recap of the session will be sent to you after completion in the form of an audio recording.


This is energy work, there are things to be aware of:

  • no alcohol or drugs 24h before and (best for you) after the session;
  • no driving or strenuous activities during the session;
  • drink lots of water to help the energy integrate;
  • you may experience pain in your womb, it’s ok, Womb is integrating the cleansing and healing energies;
  • you can experience changes about your periods: change of dates, change of flow..
  • you may feel the person you’ve wished to be removed to try and contact you again, physically or astrally. They cannot reach you unless you agree to it with the protection in place.

See your wombs soon 💓

Womb Healing: group session

44,44 €Price

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