Book a reading

The acknowledgements are a list of things to be aware of prior to booking any type of energy work with me.


I strive to make things as clear as possible, so you understand what exactly I do, how I do it and also the limitations of energy work, how healing work, what to expect, side effects and more practical business matters.


This is the terms & conditions of booking with me. Should you disagree any points below, I invite you to connect to a healer who is more aligned with you.

With Love,


1. You must refrain from alcohol and recreational drugs consumption 24h before the session. This prevents me from feeling the effects of anything you would be under the influence of when I connect to your energy.

I recommend that you also refrain from alcohol and recreational drugs consumption 24h after the session in order to allow the energy to properly and smoothly integrate for you.

2.  Do not drive 1h before and 1h after the session.

3.  If you book a session and are knowingly under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs within the recommend time frame which results in me being affected by those substances, the session will be canceled and no refund will be issued. This is because a) your. actions are a clear disrespect of my work and being, b) your actions violate my clearly stated boundaries, c) as a result of your actions I will be unable to perform any type of energy work for 24h.

3.   Information is healing. A reading is a form of energy healing. Your energy will move when processing the information. All information shared is shared in your Highest and Greatest Good. It is information your Soul desire for you to know now.

As an energy worker, it is my duty to translate the information accurately and thoroughly. However, what you decide to do with the information and how you process it is your responsibility. 

You have free will, always.


4.   Physical symptoms may occur during the sessions and one should be mindful of those.

These physical symptoms include: ​


Sudden Warmth

Feeling relaxed


Flashbacks of events

Seeing spirits or ancestors


Sudden sadness

Pressure on the chest area, throat, and/or head


5.  I do not refund any booked session; however, you may reschedule the session up to 12 hours before the session. Email me if you are encountering any difficulties, I am always happy to help.


6.   If you do not show for a session, without any contact, any reschedule will be subject to a 15% rescheduling fee. 


7.  Sessions last approximatively 1h-1h30. The length varies with the channellings, but when Spirit said we're done, we're done. As such,  at times a session may last longer than the scheduled 2h slot. Please be prepared for this possibility.


8. I reserve all rights to reschedule or cancel a session if it is more beneficial for you, if your initial reasons for bookings violate anyone's consent or boundaries or if my energy doesn't allow me to perform the healing at the best of my abilities. I am always transparent about the state of my energy and will message you prior to your session so that we can work something together.

This is to ensure that I am always in the best of states (physical, energetic, and mental) when connecting on another being's energy. 



9.   I do not read on other people's but you. I do not violate the boundaries of anyone. If someone in relation to you comes through, I will investigate but I won't do an entire reading on another person.

10.   I share with you my experiences as I believe lived experiences can provide insights that sometimes therapy does not however I am not a trained therapist or mental health counsellor. I cannot provide you with this type of assistance. I will tell you what I see, heal, clear. I can provide guidance within my own scope of work but I am not able to provide mental health help. Whilst a healing session can feel like a therapy session please also seek professional help to discuss the elements that surface for you following your healing in order to support you during your healing.


11.   The session is a safe space. The space is protected and sealed. I can hold space for you without being consumed by anything you are releasing nor cross any boundaries as you do. Cry, scream, swear, throw up, dance and laugh.... it's your session. Do what you need to do to release, heal and feel better. I will send any energies I am called to to help you release with ease and as gently as possible.


12.   I respect all beings' gender identities. Before a session, I will ask you for your name, your pronouns and wether you have a womb or a penis. This is to ensure I respect you in your truest form of being and expression.