Travail Énergétique

Being an Elemental practitioner means being capable of wielding the power of the Elements and bending them at will. 

Time being one of the Element that I work with means I can work with and around Time.  Why? Because Time isn't linear. Past, present and future in a linear timeline is a man made concept. The past, present and future, as we see them, exist parallel to each other, in various bubbles and some of these bubbles are intertwined with each other.

As a Time Elemental practitioner I am able to create bubbles of time specifically to perform a healing, bubbles of times in which I encapsulate your entire healing session before sealing it and sending it to you. The healing then integrates for you (in your current energy and timeline) as you listen to the recording of it.


- Energy healings constitute of a first step, you still need to integrate the healing and take the physical steps in accordance with the information given during your session.

- During the healing, I channel messages for you to receive. Remember that information is healing. Listening to your session will further implement the energy of your healing and will allow to heal furthermore, on your own, by knowing certain things, taking action upon others.

- At the beginning of a session,  I start by looking at your energy field, cleansing and preparing it. I see shapes and colours, symbols, holes, fractures. This, in itself, gives me information.

 - You may feel the session, especially for the womb healings. Your womb may tingle and cramp. It is normal. Your next moon cycle may be heavier and more painful. Your womb is releasing. You may feel the need to cry, please do. Crying is a powerful release.


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