About me

Everything is energy.

The air we breathe, the food we eat, our bodies, money, sex, trees and thoughts...

There is energy we see and energy that is less palpable, to the naked eye anyway. By moving, transmuting, focusing this energy changes can be made to the pains, stored traumas, situations and relationships.



Before completing any type of energy work for a client, I thoroughly prepare my own energy and my space in order to become the clearest channel possible.

The process below is summarise as the entire steps are much more detailed and take roughly 1 hour to complete. 

I start by grounding my energy into the Earth Core, then the center of our galaxy, then the center of our Universe and finally into the original Universe. This helps to better orient my consciousness to broader perspectives and experiences. This technique to ground into more than the Earth Core was shared with me by Kari from Seekers Evolving.

I then proceed to cleanse my energy and my aura bubble with Elemental energies. Once I am done with the cleansing, I work on the protection of my aura bubble. I check my auric field and do repair works where needed, fill my space with my energy and set the energy I desire to have in my space. I then move onto on my energetic space.

I cleanse and protect my home. 

My house has protection set by Tori and Kari. They are skilled light body workers and have a house cleanse service, called Multidimensional House Healings (email them at for information) which I highly recommend. I check on the protections and fuel what needs fuelling, etc.

Cleansing & protecting my space is an almost daily practice (we all have lazy days being a burrito in bed...). It includes smoke cleansing, candle magick, spiritual floor washes, energy work, Reiki, light body work, Akashic Light...

I then ask my team to step onto the Akashic Light and set intentions for the session, before going into my Records Healing Space. 

I have my Records open for all my sessions, individual or collective, as I value the guidance of the Records and want to ensure the safest space for everyone's energy when doing a session with me.


I call forth your energy, your Highest Self and your Records Keeper. For readings, I connect to your Spirit team and call forth your Divine Partner.

Depending on I feel called to the session either starts in my Akashic Healing office or in Nature. 99% of the time, healings are conducted in Nature, as I feel most at home with the Elements surrounding me. 

If it is a collective healing, each participant is put into an energetic bubble to prevent energetic enmeshments and we stay in my Akashic Records' Healing Space.

During the session I use various modalities:

1. I am an Elemental Practitioner; by connecting to various Elements I can wield their power and strength to support the healings I do.​ There are many Elements... I most often work with Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Lighting, Ice, Time & Space, Sun & Moon.  Each Element has its own strengths & benefits.​

2. Reiki; I also sometimes call onto the Reiki Masters' energy; especially for reconstruction work. The Moon lady sometimes comes through in person :)

3. Heavenly Fire, to burn off soul agreements and mofos;

4. Source energy, when I need pure Love energy, often for self-love and Love work;

5. Akashic Light, especially when doing cellular work and reconstructions. It ensures the energy of what is being done, what is, and what is in between is in harmony and free of corruptive energy.

During sessions I sometimes call onto my team's help as well as some Divine Beings:

1. my Highest Self & Records Keeper when I am shown something peculiar, I ask them for more information.

2. my dragon friends, I have one bff and a new baby I have met recently :)

3. snakes; they are a gift from Dambalah. I very rarely use them for healing on others (it happened once only), they work on my energy but it can happen that they assist with protection when there is a lot going on and very small pieces of malevolent or harmful energies. 

4. Archangels Michael & Raphaël. They assist me with protection of the space and myself. They were the ones giving me the Heavenly Fire to use.

5. my spirit team 💛

6. Gaia, the Moon, the Sun

7. Yeshua, especially for healings on Forgiveness and healing invalidation. We work together to push through the Christ energy through you to heal pain, invalidation, and resentment. 

8. Mother Mary, for unconditional Love & motherly love, helping you show gentleness, kindness and compassion to your Self.

9. Reiki Masters (the lineage); when doing reconstruction work (as expressed earlier).

If there is anyone or any modalities you are not comfortable with me using, please let me know and we will discuss how to adapt, if possible.


I cleanse the space from any debris of the fight, lol.

I command all foreign energies back to their rightful place and start cleansing myself by pushing through water and Heavenly Fire from my crown down my entire being (all the way through the Earth Star energy center). I let this to fill my being and when I feel clean I call all my energy back from all times and all places, from your energy especially.  I sit and watch pieces of me coming back.

My cleansing process may change depending on the session and my energy of the day.

Then I get up and twerk to loud music whilst making a snack and downing half a litter of water!



Many of my gifts I came into this life with.

Elemental energy is the main form of energy I work with, I do not use Reiki that much as I prefer using the Elements. My connection is far stronger and deeper with Elemental Energy.

I was attuned to the Moon energy by the Moon.

Sun, Lighting, Time and Space were soul gifts that I carried from past lives, and that unlocked naturally as I became stronger and learned to wield my power.

Seeing the energy of a sentient being and the energy connecting two sentient beings is a gift from a past life I reclaimed in 2020 through an Akashic Records' session.

As I grow, my gifts unlock and get stronger. As I participate in healings as well, gifts unlock. 

Heavenly Fire was given to me by Archangel Michael when I was doing a womb healing. It is the same fire that makes up his sword. It is very good to completely burn off soul agreements and fuckshit energy!

I learned Reiki from Capucine F's Reiki school in March 2020. I was attuned to Level I, II and III.


My main strengths are working with Women, the Feminine and Beings in their Receptive energy as well as Feminine & Receptive energies' empowerment.

Why? These are areas that I have worked on for lifetimes, and all this life. I am passionate about healing the Feminine, helping them free themselves, awaken to their power and rise again, stand tall, proud as a Feminine, sexual being. and feel safe and powerful doing so!

To that effect I will cleanse your womb, release contracts, energies and programmings that are allowing certain abusive in your energetic space. The goal is help the Feminine heal and liberate itself from oppression, patriarchal energies as it what mainly stands in the way. The rest is healing the wounds that have come to be as a result. It is literally what I wrote in a manifestation for my path as a healer and now that it is what I am actually doing I am still baffled!

The next area I am passionate about is Love! Of course, one cannot have this many Libra placements and not be a sucker for Love. My Sun, Venus and MC are all in Libra and all conjuct. Mercury and Moon are also in Libra. I believe in LOVE!

Plus, I have noticed that too often, people who have experienced abuse do not believe in Love anymore. Helping you believe in Love and manifest the partner you DESERVE is something that makes my Venusian heart go 💗💖💞💖💘💝

In all accounts, please check with your intuition, check with your Highest Self & Divine Team if you're hesitant about a practitioner.

When it comes to me, I can assure you that the session will be soothing, healing and that your energy will be handled with care & respect.



I  work from Mondays to Thursdays.​  I am in the timezone CEST (GMT+2), which is different than most of my clients.

I rest the other days. Energy work takes a lot of energy and I need to recuperate, rest, and be in my own energy too so I allocated myself a long weekend to do so.

I disconnect fully on these days, so I do not check my emails or DMs. Because I am on Instagram, people may think that means I am available but I am not. I can express myself on my platform and share my life & thoughts with my followers without being available for work questions.

I also need to disconnect and be in my own energy, retreat within and not be constantly available. 

I emphasise on this as people have been very demanding of spiritual workers and healers time, attention and energy, even going as far as telling them they are of service to the collective and should make themselves humble.

I no longer tolerate anyone disrespecting me, my gifts, and/or my work.

I am not of service. I consciously chose to share my gifts but it will never be at the expense of my well-being and happiness.


Energy work is intense; any healing I perform also affects me. A healer heals themselves first and then with you. It is intense work, rewarding and beautiful too yes. But it is not small work and I do not tolerate anyone guilting me in working in ways that protect and nurture my own energy and mental health.

Energy work bears a huge responsibility too, making sure the clients' energies are safe and protected, that we are channeling the right information and not overstepping any boundaries. I love what I do, but sometimes the thought of possibly causing harm to someone gives me anxiety. Especially as my own energy had been abused in my early spiritual days by healers with questionable morals and ways of doing things. So this is an extremely serious matter to me. 


Whilst I'm wiling to make changes, and adapt my offerings to who I am at the present moment, I am also wiling to stop sharing my gifts if their use jeopardises my balance.

I'm a Libra stellium, one thing I will seek and find is balance.


More Love, Less everything else

Energy work is sacred.

It is important for you to know who you're giving access to your energy to but also whether they are the right match for you, and what to expect.

Hence why these information are important for me to share.