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Being an Elemental practitioner means being capable of wielding the power of the Elements and bending them at will. 

Time being one of the Element that I work with means I can work with and around Time.

Why? Because Time isn't linear. Past, present and future in a linear timeline is a man made concept.

The past, present and future, as we see them, exist parallel to each other, in various bubbles and some of these bubbles are intertwined with each other.

As a Time Elemental practitioner I am able to create bubbles of time specifically to perform a healing, bubbles of times in which I encapsulate your entire healing session before sealing it and sending it to you. The healing then integrates for you (in your current energy and timeline) as you listen to the recording of it.


You purchase your session and fill in the required information, namely your full name (including middle names) and current location. Sessions are completed and communicated within 21 working days. Please double-check your spams as sometimes foreign energies removed during the session like to hide some of my emails!!!

I open a time bubble to work within and operate from there.

I send you your session with any channeled message (practical steps to assist your healing) I felt called to receive/add within the 21 days. The healing is sealed, waiting for you to unlock and receive it. As such it is your duty to listen to the recording, ie. receive the healing, when you're in the emotional and physical space to. The time bubble will unseal when you activate its opening.

The healing is set to integrate for you (in your current energy and timeline) as you listen to the recording of it.

As such make sure you haven't consumed alcohol 24h prior the healing and do not consume alcohol 24h following. Please also refrain from recreational drugs within those time frames.

Being in a relaxed, meditative space when you listen to the recording can help you receive downloads yourself too. I recommend taking a bath as you listen if you are able to.


This was my first time booking with You and it won’t be the last!🥰 I’ve seen so many reviews about coming to you because of the ways in which you take care of the feminine and I can 10000% say I felt very seen, nurtured and safe. I immediately felt myself stepping back into my own energy and my own power after the ritual. It’s been several days now and still, I am experiencing the the powerful  effects of your work. Thank you Raphaëlla